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About Us

About Us

Our mission is to create trust in the transport market.

Above all, we work for consumers/users and for society. Care for consumers is always in the first place, and thus care for society and for nurturing a healthy environment.

E-scooter rental exists to solve part of a key challenge in society, reducing environmental pollution, while ensuring satisfied consumers and a clean environment, for an economical price.

E-enjoy is on a mission to change the way people move and sustain the micromobility that impacts our communitiy. E-enjoy strives to build a future we all want to live in.

What we are standing for

E-enjoy was founded to create a change, an environmental revolution which is bound to engulf our cities.

We know that something needs to be improved and that we need to start striving for that change.

Let's be motivation and support for the new generations who really want to change something.

We are a team that strives to gain trust, we love the nature, we give a lot of energy and effort and above all love in what we do.

We love this job because it's sustainable, makes a difference and contributes to society, and is really fun.