Services fees:


Тhe user who has a highly importance and urgence to have an e-scooter at his disposal in the next 10 minutes, can locate the e-scooter and make a reservation. The price for reservation is 10MKD denars/minute.

Regular price

The regular price is 8 MKD /1 min of driving.


Price for starting the scooter is 30MKD denars.

Promotional price

By downloading our application from the Google Play store and the Apple store NOW, START remains 30 MKD , but the price per minute is 5.5 MKD

Stopping and holding the e-scooter (pause)

if the user needs to stand still and keep the scooter with him (until he finishes some other work or similar), he pays 6 MKD denars/minute.

If you want to become a VIP rider send us a request on Contact us.