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The services can be used by anyone who has reached the age of 14. With pleasure, we exist for you and meet your needs.


Do you want to get to your workplace safely and on time? Want to avoid the city traffic? Do you want to contribute to the preservation of the environment? We fulfill all your requirements. Using our services, you get to work on time and safely, you avoid the stress of looking for a parking place, and you also directly participate in the preservation of the environment. At any time you can go to meetings, grab a coffee and relax. E-enjos values your time and allows you to use clean, predictable and safe e-scooters.

Student life

Π•-Π΅enjoy makes it possible to connect with friends, get to class on time and makes shopping easier. It enables convenience and connectivity in environments where cars are the primary means of transportation. E scooters are ideal for all students and drivers who do not yet have a driver's license. Users can be students who live in dormitories and attend university regularly, as well as students who go to work.

Family bonding

The most important thing in a society is maintaining family values. Π•-enjoy services are not only available at any time and with an affordable price, but also act with motivation from generation to generation. When the younger members try our services, they are happy to share the experiences with the older members, where the older members continue to use the e-enjoy services with pleasure and passion.