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 FAQ (frequently asked questions)

  1. Joining e-Еnjoy

  • Get started

 Download the e-Enjoy app and follow the steps for joining our E-Enjoy flat successfully. When you become a member, you can start using our services.


  • I have a problem joining the ‘’e-Enjoy’’ on iOs/Android app store

 Please create a support request through the app or email us at support@enjoyscooters@com


  • Can I ride the e-scooters if I am less than 18 years old? 

 Yes, the legal age for riding E-Enjoy e-scooters is 14+, but with parental permission


2. e-Enjoy basics


  • Start riding

 After checking the vehicle, you will scan the QR code.
NOTE: When the ride ends, please close the app just by taking a picture of the e-scooter. This is the only way where you can leave the e-scooter and close the app!

  • How to ride

 The ride begins when you place one foot on the base and push off the ground with the other foot several times. After gaining some speed, press the accelerator near the right thumb stick to accelerate. When necessary, press the hand brake to reduce speed.


3. Riding troubles 


  • Why can’t I start a ride? 

 If you are using our services for the first time, please read the joining e-Enjoy section at the top of the page. Once you have located the free vehicle, unlock it by scanning the QR code. When the weather is difficult or it’s dark outside, if you can’t scan the QR code, you can enter it manually or turn on the flashlight. If you face a problem of another kind, you can report the problem by sending an email to


  • Why can’t I end my ride?

 All e-Enjoy rides can only be completed by taking a picture of the e-scooter. If you have a different issue, please contact our

  • 4. Emergencies/accidents 

 If an accident occurs while you are riding the e-scooter: make sure you or someone else involved in the accident are safe and sound. Call local emergency authorities if necessary. When all parties involved are out of danger, you should complete a report by selecting the + button on the map on your screen or select support in the menu. Click on the ‘Accidents/Emergencies’ option and proceed to fill all the required information on the form. Please be as detailed as possible.


In a case you have pictures or videos, send them to e-Enjoy support email


5. Safety

  •  Can I ride the e-scooters if I am less than 18 years old? 

 Yes, the legal age for riding e-Enjoy e-scooters is 14+, but with parental permission.


  • Where is it allowed to drive and at what speed?

 The driver of an e-scooter is obliged to drive the vehicle on a bicycle path or bicycle lane (not faster than 25 km/h)! NOTE: If the driver of an e-scooter has to move on a sidewalk, footpath or other surface intended for pedestrian movement, he is obliged not to drive faster than 6 km/h!


  • Do I need to wear a helmet and/or something additional? 

 The driver of an e-scooter must wear a protective helmet on his head during the operation of the vehicle! 
The driver of an e-scooter, from the first dusk to full dawn, as well as in conditions of reduced visibility, is obliged to wear a reflective vest while driving the vehicle!

7. e-Enjoy rental agreement


Rental agreement link

Terms & Conditions link

Privacy policy link

Rules for drivers according our low

8. FAQ references and support


Joining e-Enjoy – get started;

E-Enjoy basics – start and how to ride;

Riding troubles – why can’t I start or end ride;

Emergencies and accidents – what to do in а case of an accident;

Safety – rules to follow while driving;

е-Еnjoy rental agreement, Terms/Conditions and Privacy policy.


For further help and support please email our support and/or info email.